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Punching – a good alternative to laser cutting

Punching metal is a simple process. Sheet metal is placed in a punch press and the component is pressed out.

Before we start the actual production of your metal component, we produce the custom parts for the tool. The tool consists of a punch die and a punch, and can punch items of different thicknesses, depending on the press capacity of the machine.

Good for larger quantities

When producing individual metal parts, laser cutting is usually the better option. If, on the other hand, you need a larger quantity of metal components punching is a profitable solution.

Once the punching tool is produced, the unit price is low. In other words, the more metal component you have punched, the better the price will be.

The price per unit also depends on the choice of metal and the amount of postprocessing, e.g. bending and embossing.

Examples of punched components

You have many possibilities when it comes to punched components. If it is made of sheet metal, it can be punched. You then have the option of subsequently processing the punched components. Among punched components, you will find parts like brackets or grids.

Another example is our newly started project of candlestick production.

What do you need to be punched?

Do you need a production of punched metal components?

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