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Danish family business
Metal processing
40 years of experience, warehouse in Denmark, production in Vietnam

High quality metal working

Are you on the lookout for a new supplier of metal components?

Benefit from our many years of experience in metal working. Whether you need bending, punching or deep drawing, we can help you with both the development of the metal component and the production itself.

In addition, we have our own large-scale production of handwheels.

“I order metal parts from Jimmy and Nicolai without hesitation because I know I can trust their work.”

 – Claus Haugaard (Owner Haugaard Company)

We can offer you:


Sheet metal processing since the 80s

Find a partner who knows how to achieve your goals. It is about much more than just producing metal components. To be successful, everything must be under control from the development of tools and machines, to communication with the factory, to shipping.

We have the overview of all that and more.

Jimmy Wollenberg, owner and founder of DS-Wollenberg, has helped many companies producing metal components since he was trained as a toolmaker in 1980. He has advised productions companies in Denmark, as well as helping companies setting up factories abroad.

In 2007 he moved permanently to Ho Chi Minh City where he started as an outsourcing consultant for Danish companies and later founded his own factory.


What do we offer you?

Deep drawing

Metal working proces for e.g. containers like bowls and cups.


Sheet metal procesing for medium and large scaled productions.


Handwheels for pumps, valves, and many other uses.


Customers say


Fasterholt Maskinfabrik A/s

Good and flexible supplier with good ideas in the product development fase, and on time quality.

Henrik F. Christensen
Supply Chain Manager


Broen Smedie

Broen Smith has a good and solid collaboration with Wollenberg. They deliver quality in every produkt. And always on time.

Anders broen



Wollenberg is a serious collaborator. I have had the pleasure to work with them on several projects. 

Allan prang

quality control

Quality according to Danish standards

Paying attention to quality is important. If you manufacture abroad, standards and norms can differ greatly from your own.

You should not take for granted that the quality there will be as high as if you have your products manufactured here.

That is why we select our Vietnamese factories and business contacts with care. After many years in the industry, we have developed a strong network in Vietnam and have an in-depth knowledge of the country and its culture.

This will ensure you that you receive high-quality metal components.

Warehouse in Denmark

With our warehouse in Veflinge on Funen, you have the opportunity of extra flexibility and security regarding delivery.

Do you have a problem?

Get in touch – we will help you along. For many years we have worked with innovation and developing metal component, and we will definitely find a solution to your challenge.

our project

Selected cases


By Legarth

Less chemicals


the team

Who are we?

Jimmy Wollenberg



Vietnam as a production country

Vietnam is recognized by many, both large and small companies, as a strong manufacturing country.

At the moment, many companies with production in China are looking to other countries. China is an insecure country because of the tense relationship with the US and the Western countries.

Vietnam is a good alternative, especially for the metal industry.

But you have to know the country, its culture and people to be successful and avoid too many problems and misunderstandings. There is a big difference between how you do business in Europe and in Vietnam.

Go to our knowledge bank and read more about how to develop a successful collaboration in Vietnam.