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Gain expert knowledge in metalworking

Outsource your production of metal components – that way you can save money. We will help you achieve your goal, whether it is to develop the optimal metal component, or it is to start a new production in Vietnam.

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Nicolai Wollenberg tells about the company

accounting 2022


We make a virtue of you feeling safe when you do business with us.

“A company with a good ability to meet current payment obligations.”

We are therefore pleased that Bisnode has given us a high credit rating again this year.

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our responsibility


We know we have a responsibility – and we take that responsibility seriously. To get better we work hard. For example, we have developed a washing machine that degreases metal components with steam instead of strong chemicals. Not only does this protect the employees in production, it also protects the environment.

Better infrastructure

The infrastructure is important to improve conditions for the locals. Therefore, we do what we can to improve these conditions with both financial, technological and technical means and support.


We ensure that all our employees receive a fair wage. The salary level is given according to work tasks and not gender. This is not a matter of course in Vietnam, but for us it is not up for discussion.

More biodiversity

A lack of biodiversity is a growing problem in the world. The organisation Vild Med Vilje (Wild On Purpose) is working against this. To support a more diverse nature we sponsor the organisation.

metal working since 80s

The story of Wollenberg

In 1980, Jimmy Wollenberg was educated as a toolmaker. Since then, he has helped many companies to manufacture tools, develop metal components and outsource productions.

After many years as an independent freelancer, he founded the company DS-Wollenberg in 2016. The same year Nicolai Wollenberg started as CEO.


What do we offer?

Deep drawing

Metal working proces for e.g. containers like bowls and cups.


Sheet metal processing for medium and large scaled productions.


Handwheels for pumps, valves, and many other uses.