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When is the Vietnamese New Year

In Vietnam, New Year is one of the most important holidays of the year. They celebrate the so-called Tết Nguyễn Đán, which can be translated to the festival of the morning of the first day. Tết, as it is abbreviated, is a celebration of the arrival of spring. The New Year is usually in January […]

How to avoid misunderstandings in Vietnam

There are many advantages in outsourcing to Vietnam. You can read about all of them here. Do you know how to behave in Vietnam? Outsourcing will never be entirely without difficulties, but if you familiarise yourself with the country and its business culture, you can avoid many misunderstandings. Do not criticise directly You may have […]

The benefits of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with many opportunities. E. g. there can be money to be gained for companies with production needs. The salary level is considerably lower in Vietnam than in Europe, as is the case for many Asian countries. So why Vietnam? In the article here, you can read some of the reasons why […]