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Safe up to 57,4% on metal

Are you having metal components casted? Consider if sheet metal working could be an alternative. Here is why. Casting is expensive in resources Casting is a method that produces objects of solid metal. The process is expensive in terms of both energy and material consumption. When casting objects, you need large amounts of energy to […]

Punching – a good alternative to laser cutting

Punching metal is a simple process. Sheet metal is placed in a punch press and the component is pressed out. Before we start the actual production of your metal component, we produce the custom parts for the tool. The tool consists of a punch die and a punch, and can punch items of different thicknesses, […]

The different metals

The advantages of metal are many: it is durable, easy to recycle, and it can be shaped into all kinds of components. But metal is not just metal. It is available in many types, price ranges and qualities. In this post, you will get an overview of the three metals: aluminium, iron and stainless steel. […]

Deep drawing – Metalworking that saves on metal

You can have many types of deep drawn metal components. Often, the method is used to make containers, e.g. cups and bowls. The deep drawing process starts by placing a piece of sheet metal in a hydraulic deep drawing press. With high pressure, the component is then pressed into the desired shape. All types of […]