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Clamps for the food industry

In the food industry it is important that the metal components fulfil various rules, including being stainless 

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Clamps for the food industry

In the food industry, clamps are used extensively. The clamps are used to join pipes and hoses so that they are easier to clean.

The metal components are exposed to foodstuffs, and therefore the clamps must fulfil a number of requirements. It is e.g. necessary to manufacture the clamps in 316 stainless steel because the food products in most cases contain acid. In addition, there are many hygiene requirements that the clamps must comply with in order to be approved for food production.

A long lasting relationship

With a regular customer, we have over the past 10 years developed a large-scale production of these clamps. Every year, we manufacture 30-35 tons of stainless steel into clamps and keep a close eye on the entire process, until the metal components are packed and ready for dispatch.

The metalworking process includes several steps, including bending, riveting, embossing and welding. All this and more must be done with precision before the clamps are ready to ship.


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